Anger. Now in Cartoony Strength.

For the Holiday Season (that may or may not include Christmas), The Angry Czeck received a number of cartoon books, including a treasury of Dilberts and that handsome, comprehensive, hardback volume of Calvin and Hobbes that Bill “I Never Wanted to Be a Millionaire” Waterson charges $150 for. The new additions to my library inspired me to create my very own cartoon. Czeck it out:

I’m no Charles Schultz, but I really think my particular brand of simple illustration truly captured the Human Douche Bag’s complex emotions and delivered to my readers a morality tale of action and consequence. I especially like the starburst behind HDB’s body in Panel Five.


2 responses to “Anger. Now in Cartoony Strength.

  1. When I think of you, Angry Man, I think of James Gardner. A shirtless James Gardner.

  2. I like the picture of the poodle-schnauzer mix over the idiots. What do they call those…schnoodles or poonauzers?

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