Not Again! Not again!

You trust The Angry Czeck to bring you the most up-to-date Angry Chimpanzee news, and now you got it! Read, and scream, to learn what the sinister Monkey Nation has bestowed upon humanity once again!

From The AP: Chimps Sought in Attack on U.S. Tourists in Sierra Leone

“Police hunted Monday for chimpanzees that escaped from a Sierra Leone preserve and mauled a group of American and local sightseers, killing one man and injuring four people.

The Sierra Leonean driver died as the chimps ripped his body apart, and three Americans were treated at a hospital for minor injuries, said Oliver Somasa, a top police official.

Another Sierra Leonean man in the group had his hand amputated after the mauling, Somasa said. U.S. officials had no further comment. The Americans were in Sierra Leone to help build a new embassy building, Somasa said.”

Don’t you get it, man? Don’t you see the plan? Chimps have 98% of our genes. They are eating the remaining 2%! Run! Flee into the mountains! Don’t stop for old people or loved ones! It’s every human for himself!

Meanwhile, the grisly trials of the mighty St. James, his uni-thumbed wife LaDonna, and their pet chimp Moe continue! Click to witness the lastest stomach-churning development in the Face-Eating Chimpanzee Saga! -AC


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