Angry Czeck 1, President Bush 0

In recent months, you may have noted that political commentary has been eerily absent from the Angry Czeck. Perhaps you’ve come to suspect that the Angry Czeck had lost interest. Or that he had been clandestinely secreted away from his underground bunker and “detained” indefinitely in Cuba, leaving a government sponsored doppelganger to furiously pound on his keyboard in his place.

Despite the disturbing possibilty of the latter, the Angry Czeck’s dismissal of politics has been more the result of the former. Polls for the President are lower than the ratings for According to Jim. Several of Bush’s cronies and lackeys are spending more time meeting with defense attorneys than dictating policy and hobnobbing with Saudi sheiks. Enthusiasm for the war effort in Iraq is dwindling, and Republicans are grimly resigned to losing control of the House and Senate.

The Angry Czeck declares victory. I win. Moreover, the American people have won. True, we were embarassingly slow to react, but the public finally decided that reckless, gunslinging foreign policy and a disinterested attitude towards domestic concerns make not for a good presidency. Hooray for us.

But here’s something that not even the Angry Czeck could foresee. The President himself, the unremarkable George W. Bush, the Man with Concrete Feet and a Mind to Match, is finally seeing the light. No longer pressed by the responsibility of re-election, a new and contrite W is emerging from the Oval Office.

Bush, Blair: Iraq war not as smooth as hoped
excerpt from, May 26

Bush shared some of his regrets in how he handled the war in Iraq, namely that he wishes he hadn’t told the terrorists to “bring it on.”

“I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted,” Bush said, adding that he has learned how to express himself in a more “sophisticated” manner.

He also said he regretted the abuse by U.S. troops of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. However, he was quick to point out, the perpetrators of those crimes were brought to justice, something that wouldn’t have happened under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Bush conceded that everything has not always gone as planned, especially after “liberation,” but he insisted, “We’ve learned from our mistakes, adjusted our methods and have built on our successes.”

“Bring it on” was the most careless, thoughtless, chest-thumping act committed by a modern president. Perhaps it was intended to fire up the troops. Maybe it was intended as a demonstration of resolve and confidence. But a man who so brazenly shirked military duty in his past has no place inviting insane radicals to take pot-shots at American soldiers who bravely execute the orders they have no power to question.

Pretending to serve in the military comes easy to Mr. Bush.

But the Angry Czeck preaches to the choir, and this is why he has divorced himself from the political arena for these many months. The obviousness of the Bush Administration’s failure no longer lends itself to intelligent commentary. Defending White House policies has become an exercise not even the most muscle-headed pundit can complete. Sprinkling the words “terror” and “Homeland” and “patriotism” in a college commencement speech is no longer the biting broadsword that protects our elected officials from hisses and boos.

After 2000 American lives, Mr. Bush is finally realizing the lesson Uncle Ben taught Spider-Man years ago, and that is with great power comes great responsibility.


2 responses to “Angry Czeck 1, President Bush 0

  1. “…a new and contrite W is emerging from the Oval Office.” Please don’t say that he saw his shadow and we’re in for 6 more weeks of speechatories.

  2. When you write, BRING IT ON, I think of that cheerleading movie, and how great you would look wearing pigtails and shaking your pom poms. Then, I think about me failing my college cheerleader tryout, then me failing to land a spot on the flag team. I hate you, ANGRY MAN!

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